Would you like to be part of an amazing community that supports you to rise to your next level?

Exclusive Interview and Endorsement from 
Dame Marie Diamond. 
Global Transformational Leader, International Speaker, Feng Shui Master & Best Selling Author


  • Be To overcome fear
  • ​Step into your Power
  • ​Communicate with Confidence
  • ​Structure great Speeches 
  • ​Know what Content to Include
  • ​Know how to effectively share your story
  • ​Deliver in an inspirational and engaging way
  • ​Know how to get paid as a Speaker 
  • ​Have a supportive circle of other speakers progressing with this skill
  • ​Rise to the next level with your confidence and public speaking
  • ​Have a safe space to Practice & receive expert feedback

“Harriet Bratt is a phenomenal speaker and seeing her on stage, she radiates such a warm and captivating energy that 
you can’t help but pay attention to what she says. 
I can guarantee that there is a lot to be learnt from Harriet and that the unique insights that she’ll share within this circle will definitely take your speaker skills to the next level and beyond.”

               IF YOU: 

  • Feel Anxious or nervous to speak up, perhaps you doubt yourself when you want to share and you are bored of feeling this way 
  • ​Ever get stuck in your head about what you should say and how 
  • ​Question yourself
  • ​are not clear on your message, your point and how to share that in an engaging way 
  • ​Feel like your audience gets bored and doesn't really listen 
  • ​Don't know how to structure your speeches or share your story for the benefit of the audience 
  • Feel a little stuck yet feel ready to rise 

               AND YOU WANT TO : 

  • Feel confident and comfortable to speak up in any environment 
  • ​Relax and know what to say without questioning yourself 
  • Trust Yourself & Have complete clarity on what you want to share 
  • Engage your audience and have them asking for more 
  • ​Understand how to structure your talk for the most powerful impact
  • ​have a Safe space to Practice, Prepare and receive feedback
 I have a tried and tested method that will help you achieve each and everyone of these things & more 

How would this change your career & your growth?

We are communicating every day of our lives in many different ways and environments. Imagine if you felt confident to speak your mind and could communicate in an effective and engaging way?!
What if you felt confident to speak to large audiences? To articulate your product, service or message AND how it benefits the listener - leaving them wanting more?! 
Increase your visability, increase your impact, increase your income. 
Win win win. 

I can tell you with complete certainty that with the CSC - all of the above and more is possible. 
I have successfully used what I share to speak and impact audiences around the world, along with training countless clients to 'speak up with confidence'  

If you bring a good attitude and a willingness to execute - I will bring the tactics, knowledge and support 

It is time to rise into your next level of growth and expansion. It all starts with a decision 

What's inside the World Class Speaker Circle? 

What you will receive: 

Group Coaching & Exercises 

Work with me directly - and your awesome Warrior Circle - each on our live video trainings and chats. 
Each week - on a Warrior Wednesday, I will host your speaker workshops. 

Every session will include a detailed training on a specific area of confidence, communication and public speaking along with the space for exercises, practice and Q&A 

Feel free to bring a drink of your choice from water to wine - all things are fine... This training will be thirsty work ;) 

As well as all of the above you will be receive a monthly mindset call including an example of powerful and inspirational speeches which include tips to support your personal growth & 'Unleashing your Warrior Within'  

All sessions will be live and suitable for everyone's timezone - but don't panic - if you cannot make a call, everything will be recorded and available for you to watch the replay

Weekly Sessions for Instant Improvement

Monthly Masterclass's

Along with regular content in the circle - Every month in your members access page you will receive a masterclass from other top speakers, mentors and coaches. 

Experts in the industry and top class speakers from around the world will share their most powerful tips in public speaking
  • Mindset 
  • ​Overcoming Fear
  • ​Story Telling 
  • ​Soulful Selling
  • ​Tonality - and its importance in speaking
  • ​Topics and ideas for your presentations
  • ​Humour and the importance of laughter 
  • ​Monetising your Message as a Closing Speaker 
  • ​Getting paid to Speak 
  • ​Creating a massive impact 
  • ​Structuring your talk for the most impact 
  • ​Different forms of communication
  • ​and much much more 
Each masterclass will come with either a workbook for the detailed topic, exercises or challenges for after the call. 

Relevant Feedback

One of the best ways to progress with your speaking - other than 'doing it' is to receive relevant feedback to support your growth. 

Having ran many events to train speakers and spoken at even more, Harriet has seen the importance of instant feedback and further practice. 

Having - not just 'anybody' but someone who is an experienced speaker evaluating your talks without judgment to support your growth. 

Within your private community you will have a safe space to practice your talks, hear the opinions of your fellow Warriors and receive detailed observations from the Warrior herself - Harriet 

Like with anything, the more you put in - the more you get out and you have the opportunity to share as many talks, videos, presentations etc as you want. 

Your Private Community

An epic and supportive circle to rise to your next level with. 

They say 'proximity is power' 
Connect with other awesome people that are progressing in their speaker journey and hold each other accountable to your aligned action steps and continuous expansion

This is a fun, safe and progressive group with BONUS content, regular information and as mentioned above - personalised feedback from Harriet and your fellow tribe. 


As part of your progression and accountability -  join a private whatsapp group led by Anna Ryk - loyal Warrior member who will check in on your weekly goals, challenges, celebrations and general growth. 

We know it can be easy to loose motivation, doubt yourself and compare yourself with others already professionally speaking, It is normal, which is why we have covered every area to ensure you have daily support in your journey! 


What people who have worked with Harriet have to say:

Andrew Davis

Founder of Health Back Now

Harriet has shifted massive blocks in me and has allowed me to go out there and spread my message. Having gone through the process, learnt the structure & the process, now I feel confident to go out there and ROCK IT 

Julie Colan

Founder of Secret Whispers

Harriet helped me so much with my first keynote speech and I am now so excited to do more. 
I was already passionate about my business but Harriet helped me to structure it and to confidently share my story from stage

Samahe Sabir

Engineer, Empowerment Coach & Speaker

Working with Harriet allowed me to discover more of my potential, deeply understand and connect with my 'why' and move from being part of her empowered group into also becoming an 'Empowerment Coach' for women

Kevin Axtell

Director of Firewalking Centre - California

An excellent Instructor for world class speaking skills!
Even more so the Warrior energy she brings is the BEST!

Chris Francis

Small Call to Action Headline

Harriet gave me such lightbulb moments - it was like she reached inside my brain, turned a cog in another direction and allowed me to see things differently. 
I am so much happier and confident to speak and share

Latika Russel 
aka Spiritual Tiik

Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Speaker

Harriet always give so much support and has allowed me to feel even more confident, become more vulnerable and yet still feel strong in the process. 
I first met her at Speaker Mastery and we have been 'rising together' ever since, speaking at each others events, supporting the journey and always evolving with speaking

Speaking can be lonely - EXCEPT when you do it with a supportive community


Is this suitable if I don't have a business? 

Yes - absolutely. Speaking is communication - which all of us our doing every day. There are many aspects of this membership from mindset, story telling, presentations, daily communication and the confidence to speak up that can still benefit you

Is this just for beginners?

Absolutely not. This is for speakers at every lesson and will have content that benefits all! Harriet is a keen student and despite her level of experience - always commits to new learnings, groups and courses

Do you have Payment Plans? 

If you decide to sign up with monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up.
From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the annual option, you will make a one time payment and be set for the entire year (plus receiving more for your investment and 2 months free).

Is this suitable if I am in Network Marketing?

Jeepers YES!!! You can have the best product in the world but if you don't know how to pitch it or communicate what you are are selling - it's irrelevant! Learn how to comfortably share and sell your product or service

I HAVE JOINED :) but have not had an email yet?

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If you have any further problems, please email

I have a question that has not been listed here... 

No problem - we've got you and are here to help! 
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$45 per month

  • Live Coaching call every week
  • ​Instant Access to the Confident Speaker Circle 
  • ​International Confident Speaker Masterclass 
  • ​Monthly Mindset Call and Speech demonstration 
  • ​Instant Access to our Whatsapp Accountability & Support Group 
  • ​All recordings in your membership hub 

Best Value


$450 - 2 months free

  • EVERYTHING listed on the left PLUS....
  • Mind Mastery  18 Videos to support confidence and empowered mindset - details below. $147
  • ​25% off 1-1 private call with Harriet
  • Confident Speaker Template - $97 
  • ​More details below
  • ​2 Months Free

What is Mind Mastery?

18 Videos to develop a Powerful Mindset 

The foundations of being an inspirational and super impactful speaker is your mindset, confidence and ability to show up authentically.
This provides the exact steps - when executed and repeated to support you building Confidence from the core and a Mindset that serves, empowers and encourages you to live a Happy Life and become a truly Confident Speaker. 

Harriet shares 18 lessons, with a workbook and exercises for each that will reprogram your mind and set you up to achieve what is important for you! 

Everything starts from within, your relationships, your health, your business or career path, your finances and of course - relevant to this membership - your ability to be a powerful and inspirational Speaker. 
It all starts in your mind! 

With this video series alone you will receive and learn the mindset tips and guidance that will bring growth, progressions and better results in any area of your life.