Warrior Women Rising is An Empowering online Tribe for Women like you 
Who are Stepping into their Power, Using their Voice and Speaking Up to help others.

Get the Support, Accountability and Guidance you need to Improve your Confidence, Develop your Speaking Skills and Share your Story in an effective and engaging way. 

"I wish I had more Confidence" 
"I feel misunderstood"
"I get nerves and anxiety when speaking in public" 
"I feel frustrated and know there is more" 
"I want to Speak, but I don't know what to say" 
"What if I forget what I'm saying" 

Have you ever felt this way before?

You are Not Alone!

Too many women are not living in their full power and potential and feel nervous to speak up! 
and I get it! I used to feel that way. 

With society, conditioning, past experiences it has become 'all to normal' to feel lost, uncertain, not good enough or nervous to speak up. 
What if you had the Accountability, Support and Guidance to grow into your confidence, to Speak and Share your story in an effective and engaging way? 

What if you knew you were Safe and Acknowledged to share and Rise with a Awesome and Empowering Tribe?

Are you Ready to Show up and Shine? 


An Awesome Tribe for Women Who are stepping into their Power, Developing Confidence and want to Speak in an effective and engaging way.

Are you Bored Of...

  • Questioning yourself, feeling unsure and having doubts?
  • Feeling nervous & anxious to Speak Up for Yourself? 
  • Wondering what to say and How to Say It? 
  • Loosing Motivation and slipping into Procrastination?

Would You Like to...

  • Receive Direct and Supportive Accountability 
  • Have the Tips, Guidance and Feedback to feel Prepared to Speak
  • Step into Your Power, Unleash your Warrior within and Feel Confident 
  • Know how to Engage Your Listeners and inspire as you speak


Exclusive Training and Content

You will have an extensive and growing 'Tribary' (Tribes Library) with trainings on Mindset, Internal Connection, Online and Offline Speaking, Audience Engagement, Building Confidence, How to Structure Your Talks, sharing your story and more. 
There will also be a live training every Warrior Wednesday supporting you in person with powerful content along with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  

Each training will come with either a workbook, an exercise or 'Warrior Prompts' to Support Your Growth

Guest Speakers

Each Month we Will Bring You a Guest Speaker to share their Expertise around Confidence, Communication, Public Speaking and Connection. 
Of course you will have the opportunity to ask your questions as well

All sessions will be stored in the Tribary and each Speaker will provide a resource or workbook 


You will also be part of an incredibly supportive facebook group with regular posts, lives and of course - all the Warriors shares and contributions. 
This is a safe & fun space to rise, practice speaking, build confidence and rise with other like minded epically awesome women! 😜

Direct & Supportive Accountability

We have a Dedicated Whatsapp messenger to support you with weekly 
and monthly goals, action steps and continuous growth. 
Only join of you are Serious about Moving to the next level and want to be held to your personal action steps - it's not for chat, it's an action app. ;) 
There are also habit trackers, accountability guidance and reflective sheets in our "Tribary" to support our growth. 
Remember - Progression over Perfection. 

Connection Call 

Every month we come together simply to share, connect, laugh share and grow! Bring a Glass of Wine or your favourite beverage, some snacks and settle in to a Sunday Session with your fellow Warriors

During these calls we reflect on our month, set intent for the month ahead, support challenges  and celebrate any Warrior Wins

There is no risk as you can cancel at any time.

You are free to cancel at anytime and leave with no hassel. We only want Women who are gaining benefits from the tribe and notice they are growing both personally and with their speaking each month. 

Hey... I'm Harriet :)

I am an Inspirational Speaker, Speaker Trainer and FireWalk Instructor and I support driven women who are ready for more, Step into Their Power, Unleash their Warrior and Improve their Confidence, Communication and Connection. 

Are you ready for a Cat and Dog in your Life? 

I heard this analogy of leadership once and realised - it's my 'natural way' in this role. 

I am incredibly loyal to the tribe and always show up with enthusiasm to serve. 
I am deeply passionate about supporting you, your growth and your results - plus I will be your biggest cheerleader. 
I will happily provide all I can to support you developing your self and your skills in a fun, empowering and unique style.

I will also deliver "truths" that might sting, push your independence and occasionally spray you with catnip. 
Just incase I should express the last one was a joke, however
I will remind you that only you are responsible for the results you create and the action you take yet I will hod you accountable to the steps you decide on in a direct and encouraging way. 

Don't hesitate any longer, if you see that you can gain benefit and know you want to build your confidence or improve your communication & connection - join us today and I look forward to connecting on a deeper level in our tribe.