What you will Receive....

  •  Daily Inspiration, Strategy & Support 
  • ​Continued Strategy and support to Build Your Confidence 
  • ​Speakers Incantations to SHOW UP AND SHINE 
  • ​A Supportive and Empowering Tribe
  • ​Fortnightly live Training - Warrior Wednesdays  Live training and support in the group every 2 weeks 
  • Relevant Feedback to the Videos you Share  
  • ​Guidance to Grow Your Speaker Business, Example Bios, Speaker rolls, Lead Magnets, How to Land Speaker Gigs, Running Webinars, Creating a Product Funnel etc 
  • ​Guest Speakers to Inspire Your Growth & Bring new Strategy
  • ​Closing Circles - Practising How to Close 
  • ​Regular Information on events and programmes with 20% discount 
  • ​Resources, Guidance and Information for Growth 
  • ​Monthly Email with Reflection guidance and Setting you up for another epic month 

Have you ever Felt these.... 

  •  I Doubt My Ability and Wonder if 'I can do it' 
  • I worry about What other People will think of me 
  •  I don't know what to say?
  • ​I wish I could be like her/him/them
  • ​What if I mess up my words 
  • ​I find it hard to meet or speak to new people 
  • ​I would love to Speak up and Feel Confident 
  • ​I don't know how to Make Money from Speaking
  • ​I wish I could Help More People
  • ​I would love to be able to say what I mean 
  • ​I wish people would Listen 
  • ​I want to be able to communicate confidently 
  • ​I know there is more 

The Good News.....

EVERYBODY will Experience a Lack of Confidence, however EVERYBODY can SPEAK UP AND SHINE 
Sharing a Message that Impacts, whilst Building Yourself an Income 

I have come to see in my life, many mentors and mentees that ONLY when you Unleash Your Warrior within, harness the Strength inside you and develop your Confidence can you enjoy a fulfilled, happy & successful life. 
CONFIDENCE is the key to growth, more fulfilled relationships, progressing in your job or business, trying and improving new skills.
COMMUNICATION is the Key to feeling confident, building relationships and connections, expressing your truth, feeling heard. 
PUBLIC SPEAKING is the key to working with the Masses, Scaling your business, Yet decreasing the TIME You spend Selling

Only £45 A Month


  • Happy and Free to be Yourself 
  • Confident to Speak up for what's Important to You 
  •  In Love with Who you are and WHAT YOU DO  
  • ​Proud that you are inspiring, helping and supporting others 
  • ​Internally Fulfilled, at peace and calm
  • ​Grateful for the Profit you can gain from your Passion
  • ​Comfortable Speaking with Anyone Anywhere 
  • ​Part of a Tribe that Truly Cares and Supports


This Tribe has been Created from Passion to support Speakers to Step Up, Speak Out and Monetise their Message.