Harriet Bratt
"Leave knowing how to effectively deliver your message and the confidence to speak to many..."
At Warrior Camp You will Discover...
 The Secrets to Being Strong and Confident
 How to Let go and Step into Your Personal Strength
 How to not seek approval from others and have power from within
 Create the habits to have a baseline of peace and contentment 
What Speaker Mastery can do for you: 
 Learn how to communicate effectively in any conversation or presentation 
 Learn how to easily convey your message 

and sell on stage 
 Learn how to step into confidence and personal power in ANY moment 
Hey Harriet Here!
ANYTHING in your external world starts with your internal world so in order to Master Your Life - You must Master Your Mind! 
She will take you out of context... on another level
Over the 5 days you will step out of your comfort zone, demonstrating your true potential and showing you the power you have within.
Harriet & other experts will facilitate a space for you to understand yourself at a deeper level so you are able to start creating your life by design with strong foundations and unshakeable resillience 
We will have a small exclusive group during Warrior Camp so that everyone has the opportunity to break through! 
We will also be growing through experiences so in order to gain the most from this adventure we allow both individual and team growth! 
Here are just some of the activities you will participate in.... 

* Board Break
* Arrow Break 
* Yoga
* D.M.R
* Glass Walk 
* Fire Walk 

Harriet has identified that you can have all the tools, qualifications and knowledge in the world but if you dont have the confidence to take aligbned action, it is irrelevant. This week shows you your power and how to take charge of your results. 
How often do you invest or spontaneously take yourself away on holiday or in the latest piece of technology? 
Allow youself the opportunity to invest in a new future. 
If you are ready for an experience of a lifetime with a tribe of likeminded Warriors who know there is more then claim your space below - We are ready to Serve! 
Harriet Bratt
International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Educator & Author
Harriet travels the world filling her passion to serve and facilitate thousands to Unleash their Warrior Within through Seminars, Webinars, Retreats and Courses. Understanding that to Master Any Area of your Outer world - You must Master your inner world Harriet empowers both listeners and clients with full confidence, inner connection and the ability to communicate effectively! An engaging, passionate and VERY energetic speaker, Harriet naturally inspires and motivates you to achieve your best and for those who are serious about improvement will support you with accountability, focus and strategy so that you not only obtain, you sustain the results you are looking for. 
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