Do you ever feel Nervous Speaking Up in Public

Everyday Confidence and Powerful Presentations

  • A Warriors Mindset - How to use your mind to support your confidence
  • The power of Focus - How to overcome fear and show up in your power
  • Confidence to Speak Up - every day in any environment. 1-1's small groups, friend and family gatherings, work meetings, on camera for videos or trainings 
  • Story Telling - How to share your story with passion and so your audience benefits from listening

Do you want to take Your Speaker Skills to the Next Level?

Delivering a Presentation People will 
Remember you For

  • Get your audience to pay attention  - How to truly engage the listeners
  • Emotionally connect with your audience - Tonality, Pace & Delivery
  • Making an Impact both online and Offline
  • The Ultimate Speaker Template - A template you can use to structure any talk 
  • PRACTICE - Have a supportive speaker circle to practice going live and speaking up 
  • ​Receive Accountability for your own aligned action steps 

What Speak Up and Shine Includes...

  • 7 Live Masterclasses weekly with Harriet on zoom - 75mins
  • 2 Months Confident Speaker Circle  - Private group of likeminded legends improving their confidence, communication and public speaker skills. A space to practice & receive feedback
  • ​WhatsApp Group - A group to ask questions and be held accountable to your weekly action steps
  • The Confident Speakers Guide - a detailed guide that takes you step by step through a structure you can use and adapt for any presentation
  • Mind Mastery Course - All external communication startes from within. This video series supports you to develop an empowered mindset and build confidence 

Speak up in your day to day life, and shine from live & virtual stages

Do you doubt yourself to share whats on your mind in certain environments? 
Do you wish people would listen and pay attention when you were speaking?

I remember feeling so nervous meeting people at network meetings - I would pretend to need the toilet and then go and hide until the meeting started. 

Maybe it's asking someone out on a date, asking for a pay rise, selling to a potential customer, having difficult conversations with your loved ones - we are all communicating everyday and in this course you will understand how to speak up in all of these environments with confidence. 

What about presenting at work or as an entrepreneur sharing their business?! 

Would it benefit you and would you like to confidently speak on live and virtual stages - as a truly inspirational and impactful speaker? 

There are many speakers out there, but not as many that truly make a difference to their audience! 
Wether you are a beginner or you have been speaking for a while, this course will definitely support you to take it to the next level and beyond. 

How do we really impact and benefit our listeners? 
How do you share your story in way that people remember and more than that - act on? 

Tonality, Pace, Engagement, Structure, Story Telling and much much more is discussed, demonstrated and then given designated exercises so you dont just listen - but speak up and grow! 

Confidence and Communication are the keys to your success

Who is Harriet Bratt?


"Harriet is a powerhouse for humanity"
Speaking on positive psychology, leadership and how to improve your confidence & communication, Harriet is one of the most impactful & beneficial speakers you will find for your audience. 

Having spoken on both live and virtual stages around the world, one of her greatest skills is being able to adapt and engage with any audience. 

Outside of her own speaker journey - Harriet is a direct, open and hugely supportive Mentor. 
Harriet believes that everyone has a message inside and can enjoy creating both impact and income through sharing it.

Harriet will support you step by step to feel comfortable and confident when speaking and how you can monetise your message by focusing on helping your audience. 

Book her to speak, or join her events and programmes to improve your speaking - you will not regret it.  

Global Transformational Teacher