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Next Avaliable Date: Friday 23rd February - Sunday 25th February 2024


Epic Speakers are Not Born - They are Trained 

What you Will Receive.....

  •  3 Day Immersive Event with Breakthrough Activities
  • ​How to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE & Step into your Personal Power 
  • ​How to Speak in a Way that Makes People Listen 
  • ​Understanding the power of Story Telling 
  • ​Become an effective networker 
  • ​Know how to structure you presentation
  • ​Knowing how to Keep People Engaged - especially online
  • ​Create and Practise Your Concise Message 
  • ​Being able to STAND OUT when you speak and not be another monotone voice 
  • ​The opportunity to practice from stage and have experienced and beneficial feedback
  • ​Connect with awesome group of likeminded legends looking to improve their confidence and communication

If You can Speak, You can Influence, If you can Influence, You can Change Lives 

We believe that everybody has a message, a story, a gift to share. Our goal is to help you identify your message and overcome any obstacles or fear to effectively deliver that message!  

Speaker Mastery is an action packed weekend with Harriet Bratt and the Warriors sharing powerful skills to master the art of public speaking. 

Over 3 days you will step out of your comfort zone, breaking through to build your confidence and feel comfortable to Speak Up in Any Environment. 

You will learn... 
 * How to step into Confidence and Personal Power in ANY moment 
* How to communicate effectively in any conversation or presentation 
* How to easily convey your message and create interest 

"When you look at the greatest influencers in the world, from Barack Obama to Gary Vaynerchuck, Oprah Winfrey to Richard Branson, they all have one thing in common... The ability to effectively communicate to the masses"   


Harriet will facilitate a space for you to build your skills and practice what you learn! Everyone has the opportunity to speak up, 1-1 feedback and what to do next. 
This may already bring fear to some which is exactly why you need these 3 days! 

To stand out against your competition, to promote yourself and your business, for great relationships - it is essential to have good communication skills. 
Each time you present you will have the full support of everyone in the room on a similar journey and with Harriets expert feedback you can improve, grow and develop into amazing speakers. 

Ofcourse - you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions no matter how big or small to ensure you walk away with everything answered! 

Are you ready to up level your speaker skills?  


What do You want to Share 
with the World? 

Break Through Your Fears

What the Participants say...

Meet Your Trainer - Harriet Bratt - Warrior

International Speaker, Trainer & Firewalk Expert

Harriet is a powerful, high energy and incredibly passionate speaker that has delivered her message of inspiration to thousands around the world. 

Experiencing bullying, victimisation and being placed in solitary confinment, Harriet spent many years full of doubt, lost and insecure. 

Over time, Immersing herself in the personal world, she soon healed, shifted perspectives and stepped into her power

Harriet quickly realised the importance of Confidence and Communication in our lives and designed programmes and events to support this.  Harriet creates a space for others to step into their power, understand how to build their confidence and communicate in an effective and engaging way. 

After gaining experience through hundreds of talks too many different backgrounds Harriet developed the Warriors signature event - Speaker Mastery which has now developed over a hundred speakers from around the world. 

Join us for this amazing event  &  improve your results no matter what level you are currently!