Confident Speaker Template

A detailed guide that supports you to create and structure ANY presentation

Do you wonder what content to put in your talks?

Would you like to feel confident in your structure and know it will benefit and inspire your audience 

  • A Detailed guide taking you step by step through structuring your talks - can be used for any topic, anywhere. 

Would you like a happier more meaningful life? 

  • Be Clear on What to Include 
  • ​A way to connect with each audience
  • ​Know how to share your story in an effective way 
  • ​Find preparing speeches easy by 'filling in the template' relevant too your message 
  • ​Have more time to practice and less time thinking what to say 
  • ​If you feel your mind will go blank - know you have a template thats easier to remember and then fill in the dots 
  •  Ensure your Audience walk away and REMEMBER your key point

Clear Structure leads to Confidence, Flow and Competence

If you ever find yourself wondering what to put in a speech, what you should include, how to really get your point across and ofcourse to make it interesting for your audience??? 

This is something that SO many people feel including Harriet - which is why she created the Confident Speaker Template. 
Having used it herself in many live events around the world and speaking to thousands online - it is proven to provide (WITH PRACTICE) an awesome presentation for both you - and more importantly for those listening. 

You can use this for many time frames as well and even mix it around or adapt it to make it truly relevant to the audience you are speaking too! 

Connect with Harriet if you want to know more and ask questions about the template